Destination Focused Dining, Manfredi’s Italian restaurant

Story Title: Destination Focused Dining, Manfredi’s Italian restaurant
Episode: 2
TX Date: 16th February 19
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

For many of us the first question we ask after deciding on a destination is, what is the food like? Viking Orion has eight delicious dining options all included in the cruise package.

  • The ship is home to many different food experiences, from alfresco dining on the back deck of the ship at the World Café, to the high end culinary experience at Manfredi’s. You will find food to suit any time of the day and mood.
  • Manfredi’s Italian is exquisite, it’s beautifully appointed and has a great atmosphere. The mood in the restaurant is relaxed and elegant all at the same time, this is the restaurant to get dressed up for, so if you want to wear your Sunday best on Tuesday do it. However it is the food you come for, it is just amazing.
  • The pasta is hand made to a traditional family recipe on board, with the specials changing each night based around what is in season at the port where the ship is based. If you’re not a pasta person then the steak might just blow your mind.
  • The wine selection is out of this world and you will be sure to find wines from your favorite wine regions.
Contact: 138 747