Hong Kong by Vintage Tram

Story Title: Hong Kong by Vintage Tram
Episode: 2
TX Date: 16th February 19
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

This Viking excursion will take you back in time on a form of transport that's still vitally important today. When it comes to authentic experiences here in Hong Kong, it’s hard to beat this one.

  • Travelling on beautifully restored two-storey old trams offers a delightful way to experience Hong Kong at night and by now guests have made new friends which allows you to share these unique experiences with others you have met.
  • The next stop on the journey is Nathan Road, two miles of Hong Kong madness. Home to some of the best shopping you'll ever come across. You’ll find things like electronics and jewelry, fashion, footwear, and some terrific boutiques. It’s an essential part of any visit to Hong Kong and one you get as part of the Viking excursion.
  • Following Nathan Road is the Temple Street Market. It's the last part of the excursion and a great part of the journey. If you’re looking for gifts, this is the place to get them. And they’ve got everything, from the very quirky, so some quite cool little gifts, for friends and family. It’s a really nice way to finish the journey and a terrific part of Hong Kong at night. It’s also a great place to stay back a bit late and grab a bite to eat.

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