King Crab Safari

Segment: King Crab Safari
Episode: Into the Midnight Sun Ep 3
Air Date: 27th October 2019
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

Viking offers a fun excursion in the port village of Honningsvåg, giving guests the opportunity to go King Crab fishing.

  • To begin the tour, you meet your guide, Martin. Guests then hop into their thermal floatation suits.
  • King Crab is an expensive delicacy in these parts. The tour guides take you out over the water to see if any have been caught in the nearby nets.
  • King Crabs can weigh up to 15kgs, with the largest been 2 metres tip to tip. Most will be around 4.5kgs. The claws of the King Crabs are extremely strong – if they get your finger, they’ll break it.
  • The crabs are an invasive species to the area – the guides say the more you eat, the better.
  • There is more to this experience than crab fishing – the vistas are breath-taking, the sea air invigorating and being out on the water is exhilarating.
  • The crabs are boiled in seawater from the fjord – it’s already salty. The crab is put in the water, taken out once the water is boiling, and then left for 15 minutes. It’s then rinsed with seawater.
  • The tour takes you into a traditional Sami tent. Indigenous to the area, the Sami people have been around for 10,000 years – far longer than the Vikings. They were nomads, following herds of reindeer.
  • The fresh crab is served with bread, butter, mayo – and maybe a glass of white wine.