Chung Tai Chan Monastery

Taiwan is infused with elements of Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism and so there are many temples to be seen across the country. But one of the most spectacular of these is the Chung Tai Chan Monastery located in the Nantou County. The Buddhist monastery is one of the biggest in Taiwan and is built on a scale that will blow your mind.

The Monastery is different because it is very modern, being completed in 2001. The Monastery is a ‘supermonastery’ and houses students in primary school to adults living life as a Buddhist monk.

Viewed from afar, the main building of Chung Tai resembles a cultivator in sitting meditation, surrounded by mountains, majestic and serene. The architectural design of Chung Tai Chan Monastery expresses a harmony of the arts, culture, science and the teachings of Buddha, and is a wonderful application of the Five Modern Approaches of Buddhism.

Soon after the monastery’s completion, it was awarded ‘The 23rd Annual Taiwan Architecture Award’ in 2002, and ‘The 20th International award for Lighting Design’ in 2003. Having received wide acclaim and recognition, the monastery is a landmark of 21st century religious architecture.

The Monastery has many special features. One of these is the Hall of Ten Thousand Buddhas. This hall contains 10,000 tiles depicting Buddha. Each tile took one whole week to make and they even change colour.

The great majestic Hall on the second floor is home to the Great Majestic One and in the early afternoon you can see the monks and nuns practice meditation.

The Hall of the Four Heavenly Kings is also a must see. Each statue is 12m tall and guard the four corners of the court.

A visit to Taiwan is not complete, unless you visit one of the grand temples and Chung Tai Chan Monastery is a must see.

No.1, Chung Tai Rd.,
Puli Town, Nantou County,
Taiwan, R.O.C.

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