Kirstenbosch Gardens & Medicinal Plants

Kirstenbosh Botanical garden, tucked away behind Table Mountain in Cape Town, is acknowledged as a jewel of botanical gardens on a world stage.  Nestled in the Fynboss region, the gardens have one of the richest collections of flowering plants on the planet. 

From the early 1900s the gardens have been devoted to cultivating and showing off South Africa’s unique flora to the world. Neville takes a look at some of the most famous South African plants.

Featured Plants

  • Cycads- huge prehistoric plant.
  • Leucadendrons- make very colourful additions to the garden.
  • South African Silver Tree- beautiful small tree that glistens in the sunshine.
  • Pincushions- have intricate flowers clusters and come in a range of warm and sunny shades.
  • Cacti
  • Agaves
  • Aloes
  • Euphorbia- a plant with some of the most bizarre flower colours. Has a poisonous sap which is sometimes used as medicine.
  • Quiver Tree


Meanwhile, Nigel investigates the medicinal use of plants, with the help from a traditional healer. She explains that many South African’s choose to use natural remedies instead of those recommended by doctors. In this small herb garden many traditional medicinal plants are displayed, along with short notes explaining their uses.

Featured Plants

  • Inzanzibala – substitute of tea- used for treating colic and diarrhoea
  • T’kuma (Sour Fig) – used for treating sore throats and mouth ulcers.
  • Utaqua – Morphine- will help you sleep.




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