Story: Lamego
Episode: 4
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane
Air Date: 17th February 2024

Climb the 18th-century baroque wonder, Nossa Senhora dos Remédios, and explore the shrine for spectacular views; then leisurely descend to visit Lamego's Gothic cathedral and local shops.

  • Explore the historic pilgrimage town of Lamego, located in the Douro Valley port wine-growing region, featuring an ornate shrine and a unique blend of Christian and Muslim influences from the Reconquista Period.
  • Visit the 18th-century baroque marvel, Nossa Senhora dos Remédios, situated atop a small hill and accessible by a grand double staircase consisting of 686 steps.
  • The chance to ascend the staircase adorned with azulejo tiles and decorative urns, gives an immersive experience in the religious journey as pilgrims traditionally undertake this ascent on their knees.
  • Delve into the history of the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Remedies, a baroque wonder built in the 18th century, which offers pilgrims and visitors alike breathtaking views of the town and its surroundings, renowned for wine, olive oil, and fresh produce.
  • Explore the town centre's shops, where you can find local handmade products and wonder at the distinct feel of the city due to its dual control by Christian and Muslim forces during the Reconquista.

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