Coastal Lifestyle

The local leisure lifestyle of Port Hedland revolves around the stunning coast. There is so much to do like fishing, whale watching, crabbing, swimming, reef walking and turtle watching. Trevor gathered up his fishing gear which can be hired or bought in town, and went on a fishing charter. While on the charter, he saw a family of whales majestically swimming by. Fish that are undersized have to be thrown back into the water but Trevor caught quite a few decent sized blue line emperor fish.  After spending half a day of fishing on the charter, the boat headed back to shore. In true North-West style, Trevor topped off the day out in the ocean by cranking up the BBQ.

He prepared the fish in three different ways. For an entrée he cut the fish into thin slices to create one his favorite dishes - sashimi. He recommends dipping the slice in light soy with wasabi, lime juice with coriander or soy with chilli and fish sauce. Trevor also made salt fish wings, a great bite sized snack. He prepared the main course as follows:

Trevor’s famous fish recipe
-Finely chop garlic, ginger and onion and cook on the BBQ to release the flavour.
-Add a sprinkle of fennel seed. Stuff this mixture, and a dollop of butter, inside the cavity of the fish.
-Place slices of lemon on top of the fish.
-Wrap the fish in foil.
-Put the fish on a hot plate and cook for 25 minutes.
This is a great way to top off a day in Port Hedland, made popular by many locals and tourists alike, who make their head down to the park to enjoy a picnic while watching the sunset.

Seeing the turtles nesting on the local beaches is another popular activity. The Flatback turtles nest on the beaches from November to March each year.  All year round juvenile Green Turtles frequent the harbour and can be seen from the Community Park lookout (Sutherland St, Port Hedland) daily 2hrs each side of high tide. For more information on what you can do in Port Hedland, contact the local knowledge experts at Port Hedland Visitor Centre.

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