Tomney's Bar with More Power to Your Elbow?

Episode: Ireland Part 1
Date: 1st March
Story: Tomney?s Bar with ?More Power to Your Elbow?
Presenter: Trevor

Irish pubs are world famous for their warm and welcoming hospitality, Trevor visited Tomney?s Bar for a special performance by a traditional Irish band, ?More Power to Your Elbow.?
Experience an authentic Irish pub experience, known of its larger, ale and stout.

  • Tomney?s Bar is located in the beautiful village of Moy and is seeped with history; being over 300 years old.
  • The bar has stained glass windows and a number of little rooms, such as the French room, which was believed to be used by French cavalry officers attending the great Moy Horse Fair.
  • The bar has a number of collector?s items, from naff 60s albums to the more subtle pieces.
  • The back lounge is interesting as it designed like a railway carriage.
  • The bar is family owned and its quaint charm attracts people of all ages.
  • More Power to your Elbow, named after a colloquial Irish expression for ?give it all you got?, is a Celtic folk-rock band.
  • 8 piece band with a fusion of traditional Irish and rock music.


More Power to Your Elbow ? Irish Band

Tomney?s Bar & Lounge
The Square, Moy
Tel: +44 28 8778 4895