Electric Bike Tour

Story: Electric Bike Tour
Episode: 2
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane
Air Date: 12 June 2021


Trevor takes an e-biking tour around the island. The guided tour allows him to learn about the history of the island and enjoy stunning vistas from rural to the seaside.

  • Electric bike riding provides a great eco-friendly way to explore the island visiting St Barnabas Chapel, built in 1880.
  • Electric bikes are a fantastic activity for people who want to be physically active but aren’t avid cyclists.
  • The electric bike riding trail takes you along the dramatic seascape at Headstone Reserve and through gigantic Moreton Bay Fig Trees at 100 Acres Reserve.
  • Headstone Point is a fascinating location along the biking trail that is rich in history.
  • According to legend, an escaped convict by the name of Barney Duffy placed a curse on the soldiers who recaptured him. His captors then drowned at Headstone Point, earning it the nickname Barney Duffy Gully.
  • Electric Bikes can get up to a top speed of 34 kilometres an hour on the straight run.