Healience Zen Village

Title: Healience Zen Village
Date: Nov 4th 2018
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane & Christina Morrissy

Built into the natural, mountainous landscape, the Healience Zen Village is a luxury eco-friendly resort. This Korean wellness centre aims at getting its visitors to switch off and breath in the natural air.

  • The first principle of the wellness centre is to get up and move around, with the centre’s founder, Lee Sihyeong, believing that our modern ways have made us too comfortable. The centre is designed so that visitors are consistently active during their stay, Lee Sihyeong aim is to improve people’s lifestyles.
  • A healthy diet is a huge focus for the centre. All the food served at the resort is organic, with much of it being grown and harvested on the property. Dieticians and executive chefs collaborate on inspirational menus, aiming to help guests savour their meals rather than rush them.
  • The accommodation offered at the resort is beyond compare, with each of the rooms offering incredible views of the surrounding mountain sides. With large, open windows, the rooms are full of light, and with no Wi-Fi available, you’ll be able to experience nature at its finest
  • The meditation and yoga rooms are excellent places to find the centre’s third principle in action – a healthy mind. The resort also offers hot saunas, spas, and lessons on herbal tea to get in touch with yourself and the fourth principle – to find the right rhythm for yourself, and take the time to experience life without the confines of a flat screen.

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