From Luxembourg to Bernkastel

Story Title: From Luxembourg to Bernkastel
Episode: 6
Broadcast Date: 1st February 2014
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

Straddling gorges and connected by a series of bridges and viaducts, Luxembourg City is a postcard-perfect European city, with clues to its past as a strategic asset evident in the ruins of the old city walls and fortifications.

Postcard Perfect

  • At just 82 kilometres long and 57 kilometres wide, Luxembourg is a tiny country that gained full independence in 1839 and today has a population of just over half a million people.
  • The centrepiece of the city is the Grand Duke’s Palace and today, Luxembourg is the only country in the world still ruled by a Grand Duke.
  • While Luxembourg’s preservation of its historical buildings is impressive, the country has established a thoroughly modern financial district over the last decade, with the shiny streetscapes highlighted by modern sculpture on a grand scale.
  • Luxembourg City is not just a photographer’s dream, it’s also a great place to shop, so be prepared for a serious retail workout when you visit.
  • Bernkastel is a small romantic town in the centre of the vineyards of the Moselle Valley, it has a lot to offer from castle ruins, half-timbered houses with steep roofs and a market place with a fountain.
  • The market square of Bernkastel is considered to be the perfect example of German town architecture, and is one of the classic tourist destinations of the Moselle region.
  • In the middle of the Market Square you can find Michael’s Fountain. This old fountain was built in 1606 and gives a special charm to the square. 
  • Landshut Castle was built in 1277, it was continuously renovated and partly rebuilt, before it burnt down in 1692. It was never restored and has remained a ruin ever since.
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