Wonderful Whitehorse

Story: Wonderful Whitehorse
Episode: 3
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane
Air Date: 18th December 2022

Trevor goes back in time and discovers the amazing world of the ice age in Yukon and dines at an café with a spectacular glass art gallery.

  • The whole of the Yukon, which is bigger than Texas, has just 43,000 people living in it, and 34,000 of them live in Whitehorse.
  • Beringia is a place that was created during the ice age when the planet cooled and giant continental ice sheets formed, lowering sea levels to expose a land bridge between Siberia and Canada. The last time this happened was about 15,000 years ago!
  • Learn about the ice age and how it affected the land, animals, and people and how it is important to understand and adapt to our changing climate today.
  • The Beringia Centre houses many fascinating displays of animals like mammoths, mastodons, ground sloths and giant beavers that no longer exist.
  • Recently, a mummified wolf pup was discovered at a mining claim. It is about 60,000 years old and by researching it, we can learn about wolves and what their lives were like during that time.
  • After an educational trip to the Beringia Centre, settle down for a bite to eat or a delicious beverage at the Gather.
  • Their Head Chef: Daniella, is from Costa Rica and draws her inspiration from central American cuisine and the use of fresh, local products.
  • The café also features a spectacular display of blown glass art with all their glassware made on site at Lumel Studios.
  • Lumel is owned by Shanta’s parents. Luanne, her mom, is a renowned glass blower and artist.

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