Yukon Brewing

Segment: Yukon Brewing
Episode: Explore Yukon
Air Date: 22nd December 2019
Presenter: Nigel Ruck

Yukon Brewery produces some of the very best beers in Canada.

  • Having opened its doors in 1997, Yukon Brewing has long been providing the North of Canada with the highest quality beer.
  • In 2009, their Amber Ale won the Canadian Beer of the Year award.
  • Co-owners Bob and Alan are both Ontario natives, and have lived and worked in the Territory for most of their lives. They were both engineers by trade, moving into brewing when they wanted to try something new.
  • The company stocks a great range of beer, and are very particular about the ingredients they use, as well as their brewing techniques.
  • The initial plan was for the brewery to service the North of Canada with quality beer while keeping jobs and money in the Territory – over a decade later, this is still the goal.
  • The brewery employs around a dozen staff, with more coming on board over summer. They also actively support countless events and causes each year – 100% of the proceeds from brewery tours go to local fundraising and charity events.
  • The brewery has 10 packaged beers, available across Alberta and British Columbia, as well as a bar in Japan.
  • The best place to check out their range is at the brewery itself – there are some beers that are only available on tap.