Dawson City & The Klondike Experience

Segment: Dawson City & The Klondike Experience
Episode: Explore Yukon
Air Date: 22nd December 2019
Presenter: Nigel Ruck

Dawson City is full of beautiful buildings, interesting history and fantastic outdoor activities.

  • A mere 150 miles south of the Arctic Circle, Dawson City was once the heart of the Klondike Gold Rush. The Klondike Experience runs a tour that gives guest a deep dive into the town’s history.
  • Sometimes known as “The Paris of the North”, Dawson City is made up of an incredible community that has gone to great lengths to preserve its past.
  • Gold was discovered in the area in 1896, and Dawson City sprung up in 1898.
  • There is still a lot of gold in the area, with gold mining being the main economy in the city. While there was more gold in the old days, the value of gold is much higher now – in the 20th Century it was $35/ounce, and is now $1500/ounce.
  • While it may look as though all buildings in Dawson City are original, this is not actually the case – there is a building code that ensures all new buildings keep to the same aesthetic as the rest of the town.
  • A great activity to try out in Dawson City is fat biking. Named for their thick, oversized tyres, fat bikes are specifically designed to give ideal traction on snow.
  • Fat biking gives you access to areas that would be difficult to reach during the summer – the iced over river means you’re able to bike straight across rather than heading around.