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Our Passion

Explore TV is an experiential travel series showcasing places to visit and explore discovering things through the eyes of the host and presenters.It was created out of a passion for travel and exploring this amazing planet we live on. The series is intentionally designed to reveal new and interesting things away from the main stream tourism attractions allowing an insight into the culture, attractions, people and food of the countries we visit.

Trevor Cochrane

Trevor hosts The Garden Gurus, Destination WA, Explore TV and delish Destinations, and is the executive producer of the Greenfingers, Delish from garden to plate and Our State on A Plate TV series. He’s written 7 books on gardening, food and travel. Trevor has travelled the globe and experienced the mainstream, the different and the extreme in cultures, food and he’s pretty willing to give anything a go, except when it comes to snakes.

Guru Productions

Explore TV is one of 6 TV series produced by Western Australian production company Guru Productions which has its home in Leederville just 5 minutes out of the CBD by car. The company provides content to the Nine Network Australia and on sells several programs internationally to clients including Netflix, Amazon Prime and 139 other territory broadcasters.

Nigel Ruck

Nigel Ruck "the Ruckstar" as he’s known amongst the team is a nomad who travelled the world from Birmingham in the UK before finding his place in Sydney Australia and setting up base camp. Since then he’s presented on Backyard Blitz and The Garden Gurus TV series to name just a few of the TV projects and he’s travelled to 12 countries with Trevor on Explore TV. Nige is always looking for a laugh, he’s deep and light in the same sentence and is willing to give pretty much anything a go.. except where heights are involved.

The team

The program is hosted by Trevor Cochrane and is more than ably supported by his friend Nigel Ruck from The Garden Gurus and Chrissy Morrissy from the Destination WA TV series.

Chrissy Morrissy

Chrissy Morrissy is an avid traveller between being a mum of 4 and TV presenter. Chrissy has read news for Channel 9 and Ten and presented on Getaway. Most recently she has co-hosted the travel series Destination WA on Channel 9 with Trevor traveling tens of thousands of kilometres across Western Australia sharing some amazing holiday destinations in this national TV series on Channel 9. Chrissy will try anything once.. and we are still trying to find something she won’t have a go at.