Dining at Manfredi’s

Segment: Dining at Manfredi’s
Episode: Into the Midnight Sun Ep 2
Air Date: 20 October 2019
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

Viking cruise ships have some amazing dining options, with Manfredi’s serving world class Italian food.

  • Manfredi’s is open every night, 7 days a week. The galley out the back prepares everything fresh, including fresh bread and pasta – every ingredient that goes onto a plate was prepared that day.
  • Each restaurant on the Viking ships have their own unique menus, and the dining experiences are defined by beautifully appointed fit outs – Manfredi’s is subdued, with warm, ambient lighting, a simple elegance, and friendly, attentive service.
  • While the logistics of running 8 different dining offerings from the 1 ship might seem overwhelming, the chef takes it all in his stride, with guests enjoying the results of his hard work.
  • The Restaurant is one of the most popular restaurants on board – the dinner menu changes every day. There is the regular menu in addition to this, which changes according to the ship’s location.
  • Fresh breads, buns and bakery items are baked daily on-board the ship. The bread is something special, with the flour being sourced from northern France.
  • Viking has been named the best cruise ship company in the world for 4 years running, and when you think about their commitment to sourcing fresh produce, it’s easy to see why.