Eagle Bend Overlook

Segment: Eagle Bend Overlook
Episode: Into the Midnight Sun
Air Date: 13 October 2019
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

Viking offers a complimentary shore excursion in each port, and the excursion to Eagle Bend Overlook is one you absolutely have to take.

  • Guests travelling to Eagle Bend Overlook are picked up from the ship and driven on an amazing climb up 11 hairpin bends to the peak, which is 620m above sea level, providing unsurpassed views of the area.
  • Eagle Bend Overlook is named for the large number of eagles that nested here, using the height for safety as well as an observation point over their hunting territory.
  • Geiranger is considered to be the jewel of Norway’s fjords – it’s absolutely beautiful, and this is the perfect place to get up to a high place for some incredible photos.
  • Flydalsjuvet offers an impressive view, and is an excellent vantage point for photography. The viewpoint here is divided into two areas, one upper and one lower plateau, with a gangway running in between.
  • Sitting at 1016m above sea level, Djupvatnet is a lake in the extreme south-eastern Stranda Municipality in the Møre Og Romsdal county. At 2 square kilometres, the lake is part of the headwaters of the Otta river system, flowing south-east into the lake Breiddalsvatnet and into the Oppland county.
  • This 2-hr free excursion is a great part of the Viking Seas journey through Norway, and is something you will remember for a very long time.