People and Places: The Explorer’s Lounge

Segment: People and Places: The Explorer’s Lounge
Episode: Viking Ep 5 – British Isles Explorer
Air Date: 17th November 2019
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

There are number of relaxing, beautifully appointed areas on board Viking Cruise Ships, with the Explorer’s Lounge being one such example.

  • Located at the front of the ship on Decks 7&8, the Explorer’s Lounge provides unsurpassed views of the sailing direction of the ship.
  • The Lounge is full of comfortable chairs, food from Mamsens, a casual gourmet deli that also serves amazing waffles for breakfast, and a bar serving great coffee, tea and cocktails.
  • The Viking spirit of exploration is brought to life in the Lounge with a telescope, world globes and references to stellar navigation.
  • Viking Cruises are known as ‘the thinking person’s cruise’, and the Lounge typifies that philosophy beautifully, with photographs on the walls of famed Norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen.
  • Amundsen was the first person to reach the South Pole in 1911, and the first to fly over the North Pole in 1926.
  • It’s not just about the intellectual stimulation, as this is without doubt the best place to simply sit and take in the scenery.