Peek-A-Boo Slot Canyon

Title: Peek-A-Boo Slot Canyon
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane & Nigel Ruck
Date: 9th December 2018

Utah is full of incredible landscapes, with the Peak-A-Boo Slot Canyon being no exception.

  • Utah is home to 5 national parks, 43 state parks and 7 national monuments, making it the US’s premier location for outdoor activities. The pretty town of Kanab has been the scene for many old Western movies and is right near the Peak-A-Boo Slot Canyon.
  • The Peek-A-Boo Slot Canyon Tour takes you through some of the most unique terrain in Southern Utah. You’ll need a 4-wheel drive to traverse the sand dunes on the way to the canyon entrance.
  • This canyon was created by water rushing over the sandstone base rock that was formed around 225 million years ago. The stone’s pink colour comes from the iron oxides that rained down over the forming sandstone.
  • There are holes dug into the side of the canyon, put into place by the Native Americans. They used these holes to gain access to the alcoves above, where they would store their food to keep it dry and protected from animals.
  • The deeper you go into the canyon, the more you can see how the water has eroded the stone and created different layers.
  • You might find a garter snake on your journey through the canyon. These are non-venomous snakes that sometimes fall into the canyon.
  • The canyon itself goes down around 45-50 yards underground, creating a wash up above. Water comes over and slots into the canyon, eroding away the rock and creating the canyon.