Zion National Park

Title: Zion National Park
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane & Nigel Ruck
Date: 9th December 2018

The canyons at Zion National Park are absolutely spectacular, and the Zion Adventure Company offers tours up and down the canyon sides.

  • Utah’s most popular park, Zion National Park is full of incredible natural beauty. There is so much do, including hiking, abseiling and climbing.
  • The Zion Adventure Company offer a rare experience within the park, including access to their privately-owned Eye of the Needle Canyon.
  • The adventure begins with an easy hike through the park, a good way to warm up for what lays ahead. After a safety briefing, it’s time to gear up and head towards the big drop.
  • If you have a fear of heights, this climb is a great opportunity to overcome it – it is perfectly safe and you are completely secure the entire way.
  • The tour runs down through the bottom, dropping into the canyon. You do a series of rappels and abseils through the canyon, all in the water, before climbing 150 metres up a ladder to the top.
  • The tours tend to have a 4-8 person limit per trip, and the tour runs about once a day, weather permitting. If you’re interested in checking this tour out, the company website has all the information you’ll need.