A Thinking Person’s Cruise

Story: A Thinking Person’s Cruise
Episode: 6
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane
Air Date: 19th February 2023

Trevor discovers plethora of cultural and educational experiences available aboard Viking.

  • Viking believes that travel should provide not just a getaway, but also an opportunity for cultural exploration and personal enrichment.
  • That's why their cruise itineraries are meticulously crafted to help guests engage with their destination, immersing them in the art, food, culture, countryside, and customs of the places they visit.
  • Viking's itineraries have been expertly curated to offer their well-travelled guests meaningful moments and cultural insights.
  • Viking has spent 25 years crafting itineraries for "The Thinking Person," developing a deep understanding of the unique, inquisitive nature of their guests. As a result, they offer one of the most in-depth and highly curated onboard educational programs at sea.
  • Viking Resident Historians deliver high-level historic and cultural education specific to each itinerary, offering invaluable insight into the rich history of each destination.
  • Meanwhile, guest lecturers are experts in their fields, ranging from professors at esteemed universities to astronauts, diplomats, and historical eyewitnesses. With informative tales to impart about each destination's art, architecture, music, geopolitics, and natural world, guests can expect to be fully engaged in each port of call.
  • Viking has also curated an onboard library with travel-focused reading, where guests can lose themselves in books that delve into the art, history, architecture, and culture of destinations worldwide.
  • Viking is also proud custodians of the largest private collection of artworks by Norway's much-loved expressionist painter Edvard Munch, with 28 original pieces displayed across their fleet of ocean ships.
  • Guests can even download the free Viking Art Guide app for a fascinating self-guided audio tour that provides insightful commentary from artists, designers, curators, and other industry experts.

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