Kalahari Bushmen

The San people are often referred to as Southern Africa’s first people, and these nomadic hunter-gatherers have called the Kalahari home for the last 10 to 20000 years. There are only an estimated 90 thousand San people left and of those, only ten thousand live in South Africa.

One of the San’s most distinctive qualities is their language, which is characterized by a series of clicks.

Trevor gets an insight into this unique culture as he looks at how day to day items are painstakingly crafted by hand out of raw materials. He watches them make jewelry out of ostrich egg shells, and is fascinated by their craftsmanship.

Trevor takes a look at some stone drawings of animals that are over 12000 years old, and is amazed by the detail of the drawings.

The Kalahari Bushmen share some of their tricks for desert survival. They fill ostrich eggs with rainwater, and can store them under the ground for an extremely long time as the water will not evaporate.

The chance to meet the original people of the Kalahari is one you won’t forget and something you should definitely try to arrange as part of your next visit to South Africa.

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