Hidden Gems

Hidden Gems

Wellington is one of those cities where there’s something to discover around every corner and sometimes in the most unlikely spots. Caty visits Hannah’s Laneway on a foodie journey right in the heart of Wellington. This used to be the setting for a shoe factory but is now home to a bustling culinary hub.

A little slice of food heaven, Caty starts at Six Barrel Soda who create soda blends using the most unique ingredients. Think hibiscus, celery, ginger, coffee flavoured sodas all created with fresh ingredients. The soda shop has fast become a favourite stop for the locals with shops right across Wellington.

Next door houses Peanut Butter makers, Fix & Fog. Forget about just crunchy or smooth, here they create smokey, fire and even dark chocolate flavours.

Visit The Wellington Chocolate Factory where each chocolate comes with their own tasting notes and is wrapped in designs created by local artists. This chocolatier is committed to ethical trade and pride themselves on their ethos. They have every kind of chocolate on offer as well as more unusual flavours such as chilli, lime and even beer.

Bit thirsty after all of those samples? Just around the corner is a quirky craft beer bar, Golding’s, complete with eclectic décor. Golding’s can put whatever they like on tap which means you can get a really great taste of the breweries all around New Zealand.

Alive with music and entertainment, Trevor experiences the exciting Cuba Street. This is the perfect place for a relax, a laugh, fantastic music and completely unexpected events. The life and vitality is an absolute must experience when visiting the beautiful city of Wellington.

For additional information about Wellington, visit: www.wellingtonnz.com/australia/

And the Tourism New Zealand website: www.newzealand.com