Korean Cosmetics

Story Title: Korean Cosmetics
TX Date: Nov 4th 2018
Presenter: Christina Morrissy

The South Korean cosmetics and skin care industry has become hugely popular the world over, with the Sulwhasoo brand forging the path ahead.

  • For a mix of health and wellness with a good deal of retail therapy, make sure to stop by the Sulwhasoo flag store in Seoul. On offer you’ll find five stories of skin care, cosmetics and pampering – it’s sure to leave you absolutely breathless.
  • A tour will help you get your bearings within the huge building, and give you a good taste of just what is on each floor. The heritage room is a great place to learn about the development of the brand and its products, all of which are designed to fight ageing and promote healthy skin from both the inside and out.
  • Women in Korea go out of their way to invest in Sulwhasoo products, as the key ingredient in all of its products is the Korean red ginseng. This has a huge amount of health benefits, helping to fight aging and improve your blood circulation.
  • Two of the floors at Sulwhasoo are dedicated to spa treatments. While the fourth floor hosts a more casual spa experience, the basement offers a more intensive treatment. Being Asia’s premier anti-aging spa, you’ll need to book well in advance, but the results are truly worth it.

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