The Best Diving in the World

Story Title: The Best Diving in the World
Episode: 6
Broadcast Date: 25th January 2014
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

The main island of Okinawa is surrounded by scores of uninhabited islands, and all have been blessed with colourful marine life and beautiful colonies of coral reef. The banana-shaped island of Nagannu is one of these islands, and Trevor explores the lagoon surrounding the island by diving in the calm, turquoise waters

Down in the Deep

  • With an average temperature of around 22 deg C, courtesy of Okinawa’s subtropical climate, the larger islands are hotspots for sea activities even during the mid-winter months.
  • The banana-shaped Nagannu is a 20-minute boat ride away from the Tomari Port in Naha City, the capital of Okinawa.
  • "Nagannu" in Okinawan means long - like the shape of this uninhabited island. The lagoon surrounding this island is very large - making this a great location for banana boat rides, wakeboarding, parasailing, and other marine sports
  • As for the diving, once outside the lagoon this island drops off drastically to depth of 60 meters/190 feet. Mild currents are common, allowing for great drift diving. It is very common to see green sea turtles and large schools of blue fusillers swimming on the edge of the drop off.
  • Measuring about one kilometre in length with a width of 200m, the island is perfect preview what’s beneath the waters surrounding the prefecture known locally as the “Eden of Japan”.
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