Ancient Sites: Trim Castle and Knowth

Story: Ancient Sites: Trim Castle and Knowth
Episode: 8
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane
Air Date: 4th March 2023

Join Trevor on an epic journey through time and history as he explores the awe-inspiring Trim Castle, the mystical wonder of Newgrange, and the enigmatic Knowth.

  • The Boyne Valley in Ireland is a historic region that has three must-see sites for visitors: Trim Castle, Newgrange, and Knowth.
  • Trim Castle is the largest Anglo-Norman fortification in Ireland and boasts more medieval buildings than any other location in the country.
  • Visitors can explore the charming town on foot, with Trim Castle being the most prominent medieval building in the area.
  • Newgrange and Knowth are UNESCO World Heritage sites and are among the most important prehistoric landscapes in the world, older than Stonehenge and the Pyramids of Giza.
  • The Bru na Boinne Visitor Centre is the only access point to Newgrange and Knowth and offers an extensive exhibit.
  • The mysteriously beautiful Newgrange prehistoric monument offers stunning views of the Boyne Valley and is among the finest surviving examples of this type of monument in Europe. It attracts thousands of international visitors every year.
  • A visit to these sites provides a fascinating experience for anyone visiting Ireland.

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