Mountain Biking in Carcross

Story: Mountain Biking in Carcross
Episode: 3
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane
Air Date: 18th December 2022

Trevor explores the charming Carcross Desert and hits the famous world class mountain biking tracks.

  • Carcross is in the traditional territory of the Carcross Tagish First Nation. Montana Mountain is their settlement land and they have used it to build a trail network for biking and hiking.
  • Carcross is an abbreviation of the words Caribou crossing of which tens of thousands once crossed the narrow point of the nearby river, making an important place for the Tagish people as they hunted for food.
  • The trails have been constructed by Singletrack to Success, a crew of local indigenous youth, who continue to build and maintain the trails.
  • Carcross has become an international mountain biking destination and the trails are known for their quality and unique wilderness experience.
  • Some of the longer trails, like Mountain Hero, take 6-8 hours to complete and traverse the entire mountain system.
  • Terra Riders takes Trevor through the wilderness of the Montana Mountain on bike.
  • There’s a lot of highlights to see in Carcross, but a unique sight is the Carcross Desert, which is known as the smallest desert in the world.
  • Carcross Commons, a place where you can learn and buy artifacts and art from the local Tagish people. You might even be lucky enough to see a totem pole being carved!

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