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One Ocean Ship Tour

Episode: 4 Explore Canada: One Ocean Expeditions PT 2
Title: One Ocean Ship Tour
Broadcast: January 20th 2018
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

Ian Peck is one of the expedition leaders, he takes us on a guided tour of the ship the Akademik Ioffe.
Modern, comfortable, safe and ice strengthened the Akademik Ioffe provides lodging, suitable equipment and tour sessions for all passengers on board.

  • After a long day of excursions, the ships bar and library are the perfect places to hang out and unwind. There is also a presentation room where passengers get together for daily briefings.
  • The dining area accommodates just over 100 seats for the passengers, serving three meals a day. The ship also has a dedicated expedition ‘mud room’ where all clothing and safety equipment is located for expeditions.
  • The stern deck of the Ioffe is where it all happens, everyday zodiacs, kayaks and stand up paddle boards are launched for the days excursions. Also on deck is a plunge pool filled with sea water and a hot tub. Other amenities include a fitness room, massage room, sauna and gift shop.
  • Throughout the ship there are spaces ideally suited to every need. Spacious outer decks provide 360 degree views of the stunning polar landscapes – as well as a great place for an outdoor barbecue, which usually happens once on every voyage. Inside there are comfortable presentation spaces for lectures and film screenings and there’s a multimedia computer lab with several large screen workstations where guests can download and back up photos.

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