Smithbilt Hats

Episode: 2 Explore Canada: Calgary Stampede
Title: Smithbilt Hats
Broadcast: December 31th 2017
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane & Nigel Ruck

If you ever wanted an experience that will stay with you forever when travelling, it has to be landing in the middle of a massive cultural change to anything you have ever known. This can be done by finding your way to Calgary in the month of July.

  • Right in the heart of Alberta, every year Calgary bursts at the seams with the greatest outdoor show on the planet, the simply spectacular Calgary stampede. If you haven’t heard of it, you will just fall in love with it!
  • Calgary is home to the best cattle and food. The hot dry summer climate in summer is perfect for a party.
  • Where there’s a great party, you will find Trev and Nige. Before the guys hit the stampede, they show us a Canadian icon, Smithbilt Hats.
  • Smithbilt have been making the ultimate cowboy hat for over 100 years and their supreme craftsman ship delivers a quality hat that lasts a lifetime.
  • Morris Schumaitcher came here with his family from Russia in 1910 and the family purchased Calgary Hatworks in 1918. In 1946 Morris created the first white cowboy hat and the rest is history.
  • We speak with Brian, the president of Smithbilt on how the hats are made and what makes a Smithbilt so popular.

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