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The Calgary Stampede Music Festival

Episode: 2 Explore Canada: Calgary Stampede
Title: The Calgary Stampede Music Festival
Broadcast: December 31th 2017
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane & Nigel Ruck

Welcome to Nashville North! This stage hosts the music festival and is the place to be for a party. Trev and Nige get to speak to some of the performers on this amazing stage to see what it’s all about.

  • Performing here is a dream come true for Trevor Panczak. Anybody who is a country singer in Alberta (or Canada for that matter) wants to play the Nashville North stage.
  • The electric stage hosts 2,000+ plus people all wanting to hear great music, it runs from 2pm in the afternoon to 2am in the morning.
  • Trev and Nige speak to (Corby) Corb Lund about his style of country music. Starting in a rock band and making his way to country music. When Corb was 15 he started playing rock and roll music. He did that into his 20’s, then started writing western songs. Occasionally Corb will get radio success but his style is more on the underground fringe side.
  • Trev and Nige also speak to Justin Ament, the drummer in Trevor’s band and the longest performer here at the festival. Back in the day Justin was on a TV show called Canadian Idol, which shot him into position to play gigs like the Nashville North.
  • This is the biggest party in Calgary, and is a hub for artists and musicians alike to perform and advance their careers. It doesn’t get any better than Nashville North.

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