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Grizzly Bear day sighting tour

Episode: 1 Explore Canada: Grizzly Bears
Title: Grizzly Bear day sighting tour
Broadcast: December 10th2017
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

Two bear viewing sessions are scheduled each day at the lodge, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. The sessions are tailored to the activities of the bears, observing them when they are most active in their chosen habitats.

  • Trevor and Marg Leehane set out on boats for a day sighting session, the boats are used when the bears move from the river to the estuary.
  • Ongoing sources of high quality food are why coastal grizzlies or brown bears are larger than inland grizzlies.
  • The rainforest is a rich source of biodiversity and the dramatic seasons here dictate the bears activities which are primarily focused around food sourcing. This time of the year in mid-July they are feeding on various berries, which are just starting to ripen. Some are still using their huge paws to dig sedges up along the water’s edge. The roots are a source of fiber and nutrient to sustain the bears as the major food sources come on line.
  • Grizzly bears need to eat a lot in the summer and fall in order to build up sufficient fat reserves to survive the winter denning period. This is particularly true for pregnant females, who must have sufficient fat reserves to give birth to approximately one-pound cubs in January or February and then nurse them to about 20 pounds before emerging from the den in April or May.

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