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Tracks and traces tour

Episode: 1 Explore Canada: Grizzly Bears
Title: Tracks and traces tour
Broadcast: December 10th 2017
Presenter: Nigel Ruck

Great Bear Tours started from humble beginnings as a tent in 1999 then expanding to the lodge in 2004, conservation has always been at the heart of this unique operation. The tracks and traces adventure takes visitors on an interpretive rainforest drive & walk, examining bear sign and the general ecology of the area.

  • There’s plenty to see in these wild and remote parts with a variety of vegetation, towering conifers of spruce, cedar and western hemlock, deciduous alders, ground covering ferns and salmon berries- which are favorites of the bears.
  • After a shot drive through the forest Nigel & guide Tom Rivest arrive at one of the bears favorite wallows. Male grizzlies often use “wallows” during the spring/early summer breeding season, possibly as a form of scent marking. The wallows appear as a mud hole, but to the bears it’s a form of communication.
  • Next is a trek through the rainforest to the grizzly bears favourite rub trees, looking at the distinctive signs bears make by markings, fur and scent’s.

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