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Bread and Cheese

Episode: 2 Canada West Coast
Title: Bread and Cheese
Broadcast: Jan 28th 2017
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane and Scott Taylor

Trevor and Scott travel to the Sothern part of Vancouver Island to Cowichan Valley. For many thousands of years Cowichan Bay has been home to the first nations people who harvested salmon and shellfish here; this idyllic valley is a foodie’s destination with endless culinary opportunities to experience.

  • First on the list is True Grain Bakery where they meet owner Brittany Evans. Brittany is a passionate baker committed to sourcing 100% organic grains from BC Canada.
  • True Grain bake fresh daily and seek non-hybridized heritage and ancient grains like Red Fife, Einkorn, Emmer, Spelt, Khorasan, & Rye all of which are an easier grain to digest. They also mill on natural stones and do not add conditioners or preservatives. Grinding slowly and at low temperatures maintains the integrity & nutrients of the grain.
  • After purchasing a French Baguette Scott and Trevor move on for some fromage at Hilary’s Cheese. Hilary’s makes 12 different types of cheese including cheddar, Comte, Bouq´emissaire, fresh chevre, port salut, sheep milk cheese, etorki, wine washed cheeses.
  • Head cheese maker Sonia Todd pulls out a special Dutch Cantenaar cheese which has a fruity and nutty characteristics paired wonderfully with pinot grigio. Hillary’s designs its chesses to go with the bread from next doors True Grain Bakery. A visit to Cowichan Bay wont leave you disappointed.

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