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Foraging and food

Episode: 2 Canada West Coast
Title: Foraging and food
Broadcast: Jan 28th 2017
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane and Scott Taylor

Trevor and Scott travel to Ucluelet, BC, known as the capital of surf where they find executive chef of the Black Rock Resort David Schiaffino who gives a list of ingredients list to the guys. David cooks with what Scott finds in the ocean and adding what Trevor brings back from foraging to make a great surf and turf.

  • Scott takes a seaplane with pilot Louis Rouleau; they fly to a quite inlet and raid a pot for crabs. Next Scott gets some oysters from local seafood joint ‘fishfull thinking’, a great Canadian market that stocks some of the freshest oysters.
  • Trevor heads into the forest with Alexander McNaughton from Long Beach Nature Tours, they forage for golden coloured chanterelle mushrooms cut fresh from the forest floor, sea lettuce called ‘Ulva’ and salty crunchy sea asparagus.
  • Trevor and Scott deliver the goods to David Schiaffino back at the resort where he cooks up a Peruvian style surf and turf using the fresh Canadian ingredients.

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