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Vignoble Ste-Petronille

Episode: 1 Canada East Coast
Title: Vignoble Ste-Petronille
Broadcast: Jan 21st 2017
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane and Scott Taylor

Trevor and Scott travel to Île d'Orléans just off Quebec city, the entire island is designated as a historical district, its once of the first settlements in new France and is known as the cradle of French civilization in North America. People visit this island not only for its spectacular views but also for its seriously good food and wine.

  • Vignoble Ste-Petronille winery is located just outside the village of Ste-Petronille, it was established in 1989 and is 25 hectares of amazing vines, caring for 9/10 grape varieties unique and indigenous to Quebec.
  • The owners of this winery left their jobs, sold their house and assets and moved to set up this winery, Nathalie Lane owner and wine maker pours Trevor and Scott a fantastic unique wine made with the Vandal-Cliché grape variety.
  • You can enjoy the wine, food and spectacular views at the winery. Just 15 minuets by car off the mainland, it’s a sight worth visiting.

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