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La Korrigane

Episode: 1 Canada East Coast
Title: La Korrigane
Broadcast: Jan 21st 2017
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane and Scott Taylor

Trevor and Scott try Quebec’s hand craft beers at Brasserie artisan La Korrigane and what is a beer without poutine to accompany it.

  • The name is inspired by the sailing ship La Korrigane, a former exploration vessel. The medallion which composes the logo of the brewery is, moreover, a representation of an object brought back from the expedition.
  • La Korrigane is run by Catherine Dionne-Foster, co-brewing with John-Sebastian, brewing beers the old fashion way- unfiltered, unpasteurized, with out any artificial colour’s or preservatives.
  • La Korrigane also makes Quebec’s signature dish- poutine, made up of deep fried fries with lashings of gravy toped with cheese curd. They make the gravy with specially using their beer.

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