The Sights and Scenes around Whitehorse

The Sights and Scenes around Whitehorse

The town of Whitehorse is beautiful and will delight you with some things that you just have to do while visiting Canada.

The main street in town is home to some fascinating stores. Trev and Chrissy begin their day with a coffee and cinnamon roll at Baked before they start their tour of the town.

The first stop is the Yukon Arts Collective. With 32 local artists on display, see what exactly is quintessentially the Yukon and maybe even pick a souvenir up while you’re at it. The people who actually run the collective are artists themselves, so a visit here means you can see artists actually at work – a very unique experience.

The next stop is Yukon Brewing. Each flavour of this fantastic tasting beer has a label designed by local artists.

Next up the team learn about a healthy and organic existence at Aroma Borealis. The Yukon is home to many native berries, plants and herbs, which provide many nutritional health benefits. This is the perfect place to go if you want to learn about them!

Whitehorse has captivated the hearts of 28,000 locals and is also the capital of the Yukon. You must come here for a truly unique visit.

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