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Skiing with Nancy Greene

Skiing with Nancy Greene

25 minutes away from Kamloops you will find the beautiful little town of Sunpeaks, the absolutely sensational ski resort. Trevor and Chrissy catch horse and sleigh through this beautiful little village and are just amazed at the sights.

For those who are interested in skiing, this is the place to come as it’s located right next to the ski slopes. World Cup and Olympic ski champion, living-sporting legend Nancy Greene teaches Chrissy some beginners tips and tricks. Even as a beginner, Chrissy has such an amazing experience and learning from one of the best is a real highlight. It’s easy to see why Canadians are hooked on this sport.

You can learn to ski and it’s easy to go up the lifts, but you can also be here as an expert and enjoy the challenge. There are three fantastic mountains, a very friendly community and a beautiful resort. What more could you want?

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