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Polar Bear Hunting

Polar Bear Hunting

The frontier town of Churchill is a unique experience and the reason why so many people visit is to see the Polar Bears out in the wild. The way to get out into bear country is with a Tundra Buggy, run by Frontiers North Adventures.

They have been bringing people out to see the bears for about 30 years now and in that period of time more and more people are coming every year. This is the only way you get to see these beautiful bears out in the wild in Canada and these specially designed tundra buggy’s provide the perfect platform to take that once in a lifetime still-shot.

Then, out of nowhere, parked on this surreal landscape sits the Tundra Buggy Lodge. The perfect place to compare photos while sitting down over a warm home cooked meal. Even as the day turns into night the action still happens right outside your window with the Polar Bears living in the wild. As a new day dawns a new adventure on the Tundra beckons, offering more incredible polar bear viewing.

The research been done by polar bears international, with the support of Frontiers North, is so vital for the conservation of this amazing creature and seeing them in their natural habitat is a must-do when visiting Canada’s north.

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