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Dog Sledding-Snow Mobiling

Dog Sledding-Snow Mobiling

The mighty Yukon is very beautiful but the way they open up Canada in winter is truly unique. The way they get around is by dog sled, which is one adventure Trev and Chrissy decide to take on!

They learn the art of ‘mushing’ at the Sky High Wilderness Ranch – one of the Yukon’s most well respected tourism teams. This is a form of dog sledding, which is considered a sport in Canada.

The sled dogs are so fit; they love to pull, to run and to go long distance. They even get upset when they’re not out and about! They can run speeds up to 30-kilometers an hour and travel up to 130-kilometers per day. Every dog has its own role to play in the team: from the lead dog who sets the pace, to the wheel dogs who are located right in front of the sled and are renowned for their strength and heaviness.

Chrissy and Trevor took a half-day sled tour, but there are many other options to choose from including mushing by the hour and a 14-day dog-sled adventure.

Being able to sled your way into the Canadian wilderness in the heart of winter is the perfect way to spend your time in the Yukon.

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