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Beautiful Jasper

Beautiful Jasper

Jasper is one of Trevor’s favourite towns in the Canadian Rockys; he loves to check out the incredible landscape and amazing wildlife.

Watch the gorgeous snow float around and the spectacular landscape. These add an unbelievable backdrop to anything else.

The truly beautiful 500 acres is a sanctuary to the wildlife that flock here. One way to experience this wildlife is to take a wildlife tour. Expect to see elk, whitetail deer, mule deer, big horned sheep, mountain goats and there’s even a good chance of seeing mousse and wolves in the East end. A great aspect about visiting in the wintertime is that as your drive along you can see the tracks left behind by the wildlife.

The last stop on their journey is Pyramid Mountain with the Pyramid Mountain Lake, which has just about frozen over in the -10 degrees. Just on the other side of the lake is a wolf den and there’s actually a wolf pack that make their way across the frozen lake as they go hunting.

It’s just incredible and all part of the experience you get from Sun Dog Tours around Jasper National Park.

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