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Alpine Snowshoeing

Alpine Snowshoeing

Check out some of the amazing views to be had from the mountains at Sunpeaks on a snowshoeing adventure.

Snowshoes have been around for thousands of years (about 10,000!). They were created when the native people came from Asia, across the bearings into Alaska, and then funnelling throughout North America. They allowed the native people to make it through deep snow without disappearing through the middle.

Snowshoeing is the only way to see this part of the mountain at Sunpeaks and this place would be out of bounds if it weren’t for the snowshoes. They allow you to go into the wilderness very easily in depths of snow you would normally sink through.

The sites on a walk like this are amazing and it is the perfect way to get up close with the otherwise inaccessible Alpine countryside above the skyline. Don’t forget to look out for the patterns in the show from the Canadian wildlife. These tracks are mostly those from hares and red squirrels.

Snowshoeing while experiencing the invigorating Alpine air is something you’ve just got to do and is a great way to see this part of the country. It’s not difficult and the dry, soft snow at Sunpeaks adds a little bit of fun on your snowshoeing adventure.

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