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British Columbia – Bobby Burns Lodge, Heli-Hiking and Zip Lining

Explore Canada 2015
British Columbia – Bobby Burns Lodge, Heli-Hiking and Zip Lining

Eastern British Columbia’s rugged mountains draw visitors from all corners of the globe wanting to experience the sheer beauty of this pristine wilderness. The winter season sees all the visitors arrive to tackle the many world-class ski fields; however late spring to early autumn is a time for visitors to get outdoors and get walking.

Bobby Burns Lodge, run by Canadian Mountain Holidays, is right in the heart of the Purcell Ranges and is a Lodge with a difference. Its remote location makes it accessible only by helicopter, ferrying guests in and out daily.

Truly stunning, the imposing Bobby Burns Lodge has everything you need to make your stay very comfortable and thoroughly enjoyable. No need to pack bulky boots and jackets; they are all supplied as is the delicious food, served in a common dining room that’s constantly abuzz with tales of the day’s hike ahead or just completed. The Lodge also has a wonderful wine cellar.

And it’s hiking with a difference here. Heli-hiking adds a new dimension to trekking, allowing you explore beyond the local area.

Once arrived, it’s out of the helicopter and into a crouched huddle buffeted briefly by the backdraft as the machine takes off. As the engines noise disappears, it is replaced with the sound of the wilderness and a chance to stop and fully appreciate your isolation and the vista of British Columbia’s rugged mountain beauty. You will have a guide who is knowledgeable of the area. Our guide was Erich who guided us through the beautiful mountaintop and a lake. Up in the mountains you may find yourself a bit breathless, which may have to do with your fitness level but most likely because of the thin air – 2300m high. The guide will ensure that they will tailor the program according to your fitness level.

From the moment we landed at Iceberg Lake we knew there was adventure ahead. Our trek took us from the wonderful, crystal clear lake overlooked by the shimmering blue Conrad Glacier, over a slatted suspension bridge, traversing a fast flowing stream and through alpine undergrowth. All surrounded by the imposing Purcell Ranges.

We asked Erich about the glacier and climate change. He told us that the centrepiece of the Conrad Glacier, ten years ago, reached the lake. Just ten years ago… (See the Explore Canada program again to see the placement of the glacier now). We also asked Erich about the colour of the glacier being a beautiful blue colour. We discovered that the glacier is blue because the shape of the ice crystals absorb all colours but blue.

Valley of the Lakes is a testament to Nature’s brute force. Massive Glaciers gouged their way through the mountains, grinding and tearing a path that left this wide valley. Along the way large boulders would be consumed and pulled along. As the glaciers eventually melted, these huge rocks, foreign to the local geology, would come to rest, often hundreds of kilometres from their original location. First Nation’s people believed these to have great spiritual powers.

Heli-hiking is a true energy saver. Being picked up at the end of the hike means there’s plenty left in the tank for our next Bobby Burns adventure with Erich the next day.

For some people, Bobby Burns means peace and tranquillity of trekking through the forest. But for others, it’s all about adventure. Why not try ziplining to get your adrenaline rush? There are a number of obstacles on offered here -- a mixture of ziplining and mind-boggling balancing. There are different levels of ability level and you can always ask your guide for help.

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