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Story Title: Halifax
Episode: 4
Broadcast Date: 30th November 2013
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane & Kim Syrus

Nova Scotia is a stunningly beautiful part of eastern Canada bordering the northeastern edge of the USA and is a famous destination of the Rich and Famous. Its name Nova Scotia, translates to new Scotland and its early Scottish heritage is evident in everything including the coat of arms that marks the provinces emblem

Nova Scotia's Capital

  • Halifax is the capital of Nova Scotia, the gateway for people visiting via the airport or cruising in via the magnificent harbour. This is a beautiful harbour, the second biggest in the world behind Sydney
  • The dockside is home to a beautiful collection of sail ships, tourists rides and attractions and everyday cruise ships deliver visitors to stroll the boardwalks and jetty's to shop, visit attractions such as the Maritime Museum and enjoy snacks at the food stalls or delicious meals at the dockside restaurants
  • Halifax is home to beautiful gardens and a wonderful landscape, its restaurant street is a great place to mingle at night and enjoy summer conditions
  • Whilst many people may feel that Canada is a place to visit in winter Halifax and greater Nova Scotia has to be one of the best places you could travel to during the summer months, it has everything including incredible seafood and the most beautiful coastlines you could ever travel along
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